Robotic Surgery (robotic-assisted hip replacement)

What is robot-assisted hip replacement?

Hip replacement surgery describes a procedure where a damaged hip joint is removed and then replaced with new synthetic materials.Hip replacement surgery has an excellent success rate, relieving pain and improving the quality of life for many people.

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures performed by orthopaedic surgeons – around 40,000 hip replacements are performed every year in Australia. There have been great advances in techniques and implant design and fabrication, which have improved the quality and reproducibility of the surgery.

One of the latest advances is robotic technology.

With robotic surgery, or robotic-assisted surgery, your surgeon has the ability to:

  • create an accurate virtual plan based on a preoperative scan before surgery
  • perform precise bone cutting based on each patient’s specific anatomy
  • accurately implant the acetabular component (‘cup’)
  • accurately assess leg lengths and offset to best restore normal soft tissue tension

The robot isn’t performing the procedure, but it is a highly sophisticated tool your surgeon can use to achieve consistent results.


How is robotic-assisted joint replacement different to traditional techniques?

You can also watch an animation of the Mako robot.

What are the benefits of robotic-assisted hip replacement?

Robotic surgery was first developed to improve the accuracy of component positioning and improve the surgeons ability to accurately account for each patients unique anatomy in 3 dimensions and use components best suited to restore the non-arthritic hip joint.

According to international research, the robotic-assisted arm implantation is4–6 times more accurate than manual hip replacement surgery and minimise complications due to inadvertent component malposition such as hip dislocation and earlier than expected component wear.

Where to find out more about robotic surgery

You can find out more about robotic surgery from our specialist surgeons. Call Orthopaedic Clinics Gold Coast office on 1300 399 223 to make an enquiry.

Gold Coast Robotic Surgery will currently only be performed from John Flynn Private Hospital.