Gluteal Tendon Repair

What is gluteal tendon repair?

Tendons join muscles to bones. The gluteal tendon runs down the side of your hip and joins one of the buttock muscles (the gluteus medius)to the top of the thighbone (the greater trochanter). It helps rotate your hip, move your hip to the side and stabilises your pelvis.

The gluteal tendon can be damaged from both sudden traumatic injuries and long-term wear and tear. Damage tends to occur where the tendon attaches to the thighbone, so you feel pain at the side of your hip.In some cases, the tendon can rupture completely. If this happens, you will also have weakness.

Ruptured tendons can be repaired surgically.Our Specialists in Orthopaedic Clinics Gold Coast specialises in gluteal tendon repair.

Do I need gluteal tendon repair?

If your gluteal tendon is badly torn and unlikely to heal on its own, it will probably need to be surgically repaired.

How does gluteal tendon repair work?

Gluteal tendon repair is done either openly or arthroscopically in hospital under either spinal anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery involves:

  • inserting a camera (called an arthroscope) into the joint through a small incision so that the damaged tissue can be seen
  • using tiny instruments (inserted through other small incisions) to remove tissue that is too damaged to heal and/or repair tissues

During gluteal tendon repair, your surgeon will locate and trim the end of the ruptured tendon and then suture it back onto the greater trochanter of the thighbone.

The instruments are then removed and the incision closed with tape or sutures.

What to expect after surgery?

You will stay at least one night in hospital. You will be able to partially bear weight on the leg and start walking straight away with crutches. Your therapists will teach you how to get around safely with crutches, give you exercises to strengthen your hip.You will also be given medication to treat any pain.

You will need to use crutches for around 6 weeks after surgery. Until you have recovered, you will not be able to stand for long periods of time, lift heavy items and climb stairs.

Physiotherapy is usually recommended as part of your rehabilitation.

Gluteal tendon repair timeframe

It takes around 3 months to recover from gluteal tendon repair surgery. But you can usually:

  • return to office type work within 2 weeks
  • return to more heavy work in around 6 weeks
  • start driving again once you are off crutches and no longer taking strong pain medicine
  • start low impact activities such as swimming or cycling from around 4 weeks

Our Specialists in Orthopaedic Clinics Gold Coast will discuss your recovery timeframe before any procedure is performed.