Dr Stephen Nicol

Orthopaedic Surgeon – Lower Limb
MBBS MSc BSc(Hons) FRACS(Orth) FRCS(Tr & Orth) FAOrthA

Dr Steve Nicol is an experienced and greatly respected orthopaedic surgeon, whose patient centered approach to care – focusing on treating the patient, not just the injury or condition – has earned him high regard from patients and colleagues alike.

He always takes time to understand the significant effects that an injury or orthopaedic condition may be having on a patients life, before tailoring a treatment and rehabilitation plan that meets their individual needs and expectations. Dr Nicol specialises in managing the whole spectrum of foot and ankle disorders and injuries. He has a rare passion for orthopaedic trauma, with subspecialist training in complex trauma and limb reconstruction, skilled in treating all fractures of the lower and upper limbs.

Known by peers and patients for his meticulous exacting surgical approach, his practice focuses on immediate or very early weight-bearing and mobilisation promoting rapid recovery. He is an accomplished arthroplasty surgeon, with excellent long term results from the hip and knee replacements he has performed.

With vast experience in industry-leading techniques, using the most up to date implants and soft tissue sparing approaches, Dr Nicol strives to achieve accelerated recovery rates and early return to function, work and sport for his patients.

As an active person himself, he recognises the importance of rapid return to normal function after illness and injury for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Before relocating to Australia, Dr Nicol was lead consultant for orthopaedic trauma at a UK Major Trauma Centre. For the last 6 years he has enjoyed the challenging work and great lifestyle offered by far North Queensland, as a Staff Specialist and more recently Director of Orthopaedics at the Townsville University Hospital. Having now moved with his family to the Gold Coast, he brings with him a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to patient centered care. Dr Nicol operates at both the North and South OCGC practices on the Gold Coast.

Foot and Ankle

  • Ankle fracture surgery specialising in immediate weightbearing post operatively
  • Soft tissue ankle injuries and ligament reconstruction
  • Achilles tendon repair and late reconstruction with tendon transfer
  • Ankle arthritis and deformity correction
  • Ankle arthroscopy (keyhole surgery)
  • Minimally invasive surgery for calcaneal (heelbone) fractures
  • Surgical correction of flat foot and cavovarus (high arch) foot
  • Fractures of the midfoot and forefoot
  • Surgery for arthritis and deformity at the big toe (bunion/hallux vagus)
  • Correction of lesser toe deformity

Lower Limb Arthroplasty

  • Posterior approach hip replacement
  • Revision hip replacement
  • Computer navigated knee replacement
  • Revision knee replacement

Trauma and Limb Reconstruction

  • Surgery for fractures of the lower and upper limb, focusing on soft tissue sparing approaches with early mobilisation, weightbearing and return to function
  • Limb deformity correction and lengthening
  • Fracture nonunion and malunion surgery
  • Management of bone infection
  • Ilizarov and Spatial Frame surgery
Dr Nicol smiling